Tuesday, May 30, 2006


My first post without supervision. How grown-up I feel. :) I've been wanting so badly to post again, but I feel like I can't do it without an exciting picture or story. And I have neither. Oh well. I just dug through our little file of pictures and pulled out three of them that I like. The first is of me and one of my favorite little nephews, Carter Hornberger. He is so mischevious and we love to play together. I think Jeffrey is jealous of the little guy. In fact, I often reassure Jeffrey that I love him more than Carter after I finish talking about how much I just adore Carter. :) The next two pictures are of the Palmer/Ward family trip to Banff just after Christmas. It was a lot of fun. We did some sight seeing (which included seeing Alec Baldwin) and some shopping. I think Melinda, Kandice and I had so much fun with those hats we almost considered buying them.

The mountains were especially beautiful and if I remember correctly, it wasn't even very cold, so it was fun to be up there. Soon I will hopefully be posting pictures and stories of fun summer adventures. Either with the Palmers out at the condo in Invermere, or with the Drapers down at the "Mountain Home" (as my mother lovingly calls it) in Cardston. We've even been invited to go to Shuswap (spelling?) with Keith and Becky Sherwood, so if we manage to sneak away all those weekends, it should be a lot of fun!! I love summer and I can't wait for it to officially be here. I love the heat!! Well, I'm off for now, Jeffrey's hometeaching right now, and when he gets back, we might be heading out to see X-Men 3. It'll be Jeffrey's second time, but I haven't seen it yet and I'm excited for it! Later!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Hello! This is my first blog ever! I decided to join the club and get with it. However, I'm not that cool, cause I'm actually just watching Heather and Melinda do it all for me. One day soon I'll get it I hope. This is a picture of Jeffrey and I on our wonderful wedding day. We've been married for 8 months now. It's been great!! Different than I expected in some ways, but I love it and I love him!! We're actually now expecting our first child, which we are VERY excited about!! Jeffrey's convinced we're going to have a girl. I just hope that he doesn't curse it and we end up with a boy. Not that we would be disappointed at all, we would LOVE either one! We're due in December. Either around the 2nd or the 16th. I'm finally getting to the end of my morning sickness, I think anyway. I can feel it getting better. And thank goodness, because it's been HORRIBLE!! Anyway, that's the exciting news that Jeffrey and I have as of late! I'll have to figure more of this blogging stuff out and I'll be back later!