Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Jacey J"

We were up late tonight looking at our many pictures of Jacey and I couldn't resist posting some more! He is growing up so fast and is cuter every day. He's getting so much stronger too. He can hold his head up very well all the time now and when he's sitting or lying down, he'll stand up when we hold his hands and give a little tug. It's so fun to watch all his new developments!

How kissable does that face look??

Our little lamb! He looks like a midget, but his knees are just bent.

I LOVE this picture! This is a non-posed picture of my boys.
Jeffrey came home from work and he and Jacey
fell asleep on the couch. I took a ton of pictures of it!

We took him swimming for the first time at Melinda & Michael's
and he did NOT appreciate the cold water. It was
hilarious! Look below for the video clip of it!

Bathtime with daddy is a lot more fun! Warmer
water -- and he even likes getting his head dunked!!
This is one of my favorite photoshopped pictures that Jeffrey's done.