Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sweet Dreams

I just wanted to post this picture because I absolutely love what Jeffrey did to it! It's so magical! And angelic! My little sleeping angel!

We have this bedtime routine with Jacey that has pretty much been standard ever since Jacey started falling asleep by himself. We put on a lullaby cd, give him his bottle in his room, then we take turns snuggling and rocking him. And it's Jacey that decided that part, not us. He will be completely content snuggling Jeffrey one minute, and then he'll turn and reach for me and stay with me for a few minutes, then it's right back to Jeffrey and so on. Sometimes he only wants one of us, and the "loser" that night just has to be satisfied with a kiss. After the snuggling, we put him in bed, tickle his back for a bit, then leave. Lately however, he has put a new spin on things. Do you remember his bear, Jean-Jacques? Well, he loves this bear and has always loved playing with him, but lately, he has wanted to only snuggle him for bed, not us. We never used put it in his bed with him, but that is the only way he'll go to sleep now. So instead of snuggling us, he'll reach for his bear, then just lean over his bed until we put him in it. And then he'll put his arm around his bear, or lay on top of him, and go right to sleep. It's SOO adorable!! It's nice to have this little attachment for Jacey. Jean-Jacques soothes him when he wakes up in the night too. It's awesome! Sad to lose the snuggling ritual with us a bit, but it's so fun to see him growing up and developing his personality!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Autumn

Wearing his daddy's "PALMER" sweater from when he was a little boy!

I know it's been forever! Nothing too interesting has happened in my life, Just Jacey's I guess. I'm doing this just for Kandice who is away at school and requested that we update our blog so she can see Jacey's new tricks! He is growing like a little weed. He is so tall and so skinny that nothing fits him properly. All the pants that fit him in length, fall off of his teeny little waist. And all the pants that fit his waist, are much too short. So it's difficult to dress him. He has started climbing onto everything. He loves to kneel up and play with his toys and put them in and out of his toybox. He stands up constantly, leaning on everything he can pull himself up to. That adds up to a few tears and bruises when he falls, but that's all part of the process right? He still doesn't stand on his own, but that will come one day when I'm not expecting it I'm sure. He has started crawling on his hands and knees a bit more, but quickly lays on his tummy because he is a little motor with his army crawl. Seriously, you should see this guy move. It's the best watching him try to catch Joey, the Palmer's dog, on their hard wood floor. He is so fast! I should try to find a video of it to show you. It's hilarious! Oh, he's also started climbing stairs. He only goes up so far, not down. It's adorable how concentrated he is when climbing. The cutest, yet saddest thing, is that he pulls himself up in bed now and peeks over the top and cries when we put him down for a nap or bed. And since his room is really supposed to be used as a den, it has glass french doors, so he can see us. So we have to either hide until he falls asleep, or tape up a sheet in front of his room. We need to get blinds or curtains for him. It's so sad to see his little crying face looking at us, but really cute at the same time!

He can entertain himself!

Something he's done for a while now but I haven't ever posted, is take a bottle! I'm grateful to Jeffrey for that one. He got him taking one the weekend that I was at Time Out for Women. Yay!! And we also finally let him cry himself to sleep, so he will now go to bed at around 8ish and sleep for 11-12 hours all on his own! Hooray! He will not cry at all some nights, and others he cries for a while, but he only falls alseep by himself. He won't with us anymore. Which is nice, but sad at the same time. I love having my evenings free everyday now and being able to relax and know that I don't have to do anything for him until the morning! I don't know how I ever survived before!! All of my children will learn that trick from the beginning from now on!!
He is wearing his "Big Brother in Training" shirt that we used to announce our second pregnancy!

We've finally set up his bedroom to be usable. It always just had his crib and then just stuff in it. But now he can play in there and watch movies. His favorite movie is Madagascar. He will sit there and watch it for so long. And he smiles at all the same parts and dances to the music. His favorite scene is the Lemur party to the song I Like To Move it Move it. He gets so excited and dances like crazy. He's mesmorized by that movie, I love it!

Before his haircut...look at that little curl of a mullet! :) He looks like a girl!

He got his first hair cut on the Thanksgiving long weekend. First of all, my whole family was down in Cardston, and all the Palmers went to BC to the condo, so Jeffrey and I had our own Thanksgiving. Which did not consist of a turkey and all the fixings, but a rotisserie chicken and different fixings. :) I'm not much for cooking and I've hardly lived with a kitchen to practice in yet. :( But we managed to have a rather good meal I think and I hope Jeffrey would agree. It was very, very sad to miss a real, genuine Thanksgiving dinner though. We got leftovers from Cyndi the next day, and they were amazingly delicious, but it's not the same as the first day. Anyway, we gave Jacey a hair cut that weekend. It was getting SOO long and shaggy in the back. Like a little mullet. He still has hardly any hair at the very top and then right above the ears, but everything else was so long. Jeffrey cut it, for I have no clue how to cut hair and Jeffrey has cut his own for years now. Jacey loved it. We used the clippers and he acted like it was a massage. He leaned into it wherever it was on his head and didn't move at all. Which was very nice. He looks so cute now and suprisingly older. I'm so happy with it! Jeffrey did a great job!!
Before shots

After the haircut...there are some more "after shots" at the beginning of this blog too...doesn't he look older?

I'm trying to think if he has learned anything else new since Kandice left, but I think I've covered it all. He loves eating real people food and feeding himself. We like to play this game while he eats which is basically just tricking each other. I'll pretend I'm going to eat his food, but then at the last minute, I'll put it in his mouth. And a few times he's also pretended he's going to feed me, then puts it in his own mouth! It's SOOO adorable!! He's so smart and he understands what's going on...I love it!! He's got such a great personality and is so friendly! He loves to smile and does all the time... at everybody. He does however, save special smiles and snuggles for family. He definitely knows who his family is and loves them so much! Kandice, I'm sorry that it's taken Jeffrey so long to get that video of Jacey kissing you, he is on it and I will bug him to get it faster! We're so excited to see you at Christmas and can't wait for your twin birthday party! :)