Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Your Mirror Face? :)

Okay, you know when you look at yourself in the mirror and you kind of "pose" for yourself. Well, I was looking through my pictures and was trying to figure out why this picture looked different to me, but SO familiar. And then I realized it's because this is my mirror face. I raise my eyebrows and just give a small smile. Totally not what I ever do in any situation in life. But apparantly, this is how I feel I look prettiest. Thus why I made the face for a "self-portrait". Hahaha!!!

Well, I don't really have anything that I want to post, but I figured I might as well post because this is a family journal. It's kind of ironic that I just posted about us being pregnant, cause now I have to post about us losing the baby. It happened Jan 14. I was 13 weeks along (or 3 months). I wasn't completely surprised about it happening, I had felt for a few weeks that something was different/wrong, but I was trying my best to ignore those feelings and was looking forward to the exciting part of pregnancy, where the sickness goes away and the baby starts moving around and letting you know they're in there! But....it was inevitable I guess. I was okay with it all at first, but after the hospital and being home again, it all hit me and I had a few sad days, but I'm doing okay now. I know that it was all meant to happen and hopefully I'll be able to have another one soon! And I wouldn't post this normally, but since I announced the pregnancy already, I know this is the only way to get the word out to some of you that I won't be having the baby.

On a happier note, I've been able to do a ton of dejunking in my house. I completely gutted the storage room under the stairs and have WAYYYY more space to put things in this tiny little basement! I started my room the other day, trying to get rid of the clothes that are NEVER going to get worn again...even if i do one day lose weight! I stopped though in the middle of my sorting and cleaning, because our car wouldn't start, and we were supposed to be picking up a new dresser to put everything in and since we couldn't get one, my enthusiasm died and so did my working. So now my room is a complete disaster and I can't get up the energy or desire to start up again. :( Jeffrey has the day off tomorrow so hopefully we'll get a dresser then and I'll be able to finish the job. I hate starting big projects like that, and I always feel like I get in over my head while I'm in the middle of them..but as soon as I'm done, I LOVE it and I can't stop looking at what I've done and just relishing in all the work I've accomplished!! It's a bittersweet cycle. :)

As for my kids, I don't think I've really done any updates on them for a while. This is just going to be very brief and point form.

-still sleeping in my bed
-says everything is stupid
-is really good at sharing with jaclyn and being her best friend, but the very next second is being completely mean to her and making her cry
-decided that he won't try anything new to eat and barely eats the stuff he does like
-has become almost as computer literate as i am, getting on the internet and finding his favorite shows websites and games through google search
-has discovered rhyming and walks around chanting rhyming words
-climbs the counters and gets in the fridge to find his own snacks (i actually really like this one because he doesn't bother me to do it anymore...and so far there have been no disasters or messes)
-has learned how to spell a few names and words and knows what most sounds each letters makes
-learned how to play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano
-is still in love with my hair and can't sleep without it in his hands
-still loves to snuggle and cuddle and i don't think i can ever get enough of it!

-repeats any word or sound we make (not always properly, but she tries)
-loves to dance and has a different dance for her 2 favorite songs (both from Glee!!)
-is in love with her daddy and more often chooses him over me (hooray!!!! jacey's the complete opposite and i would die if she was too)
-continues to be an angel and sleep through the night by herself...she needs to give jacey lessons!
-eats anything and everything she can get her hands on
-still weighs around 20 pounds..maybe 22 lbs.
-gives the best kisses and also gives bisous (the french double cheek kiss)
-wants to do anything that jacey does and gets mad at us if we try to stop her
-is completely sassy and independent
-bites her hands and throws herself to the ground when frustrated
-bites jacey if she's mad at him (the poor boy has so many bruises)
-has the most adorable smile that's hard to turn down
-loves to snuggle jacey..probably one of her favorite things to do..in fact, every morning when jacey and i wake up (jeffrey and jaclyn get up first), jaclyn runs over to jacey, calling his name and the two of them lay down together on the floor and just snuggle for about 5 minutes. it is absolutely adorable and this morning i finally got it on video and will for sure post a little bit of it when jeffrey helps me get it on here.
-loves to point out pictures of Jesus and read the book of mormon stories with me
-loves to play the piano and will pull mine or jeffrey's hands off if we're playing so that she can play.

Well, I can't think of anything else new or exciting. I'm loving that they (or I guess Jaclyn) are old enough to just play together and I am able to get things done even if it's not naptime. Like taking a shower...or blogging..or dishes or laundry or cleaning. All of the things that if I attempted doing while Jaclyn was awake, they would both throw fits because I wasn't playing with them. Now they play together and just ignore me. :) Not always, they still like me to play with them, but I am more productive now. While Jaclyn naps, Jacey and I have our "quiet time" and we'll often do learning games or paint or play with playdough. All the things that can't happen with Jaclyn around (cause she'll just make a HUGE mess). It's a fun time for us to bond and I wish I could have that alone time with Jaclyn too! It would definitely help her with her learning. I try to sit down and help Jaclyn learn letters or numbers, but Jacey just kind of takes over. Mr. Know It All :) haha jk. Oh well. :) Actually Jacey's really good at teaching Jaclyn things, it's really cute to watch! Anyway, that's all that I really have to post about right now. Maybe I'll look for some pictures to post. :) My camera's dead right now and I'm too lazy to charge it so I can load the pictures. Aaaaanyway, I better go get lunch ready for the kids. Ciao!!