Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Hobby

This past fall for my ward's Super Saturday, one of the things I signed up to make was bows. I've never been that interested in crafts or that good at them! But I LOVED the bow making! It was a lot easier than I expected and so fun!! So although Jaclyn doesn't have enough hair yet, I decided to start making some barrettes. I took advantage of new year's sales at Michael's and bought TONS of ribbons and cute embellishments. Every spare moment I've had this past week, I've pulled them out and gone to work! I've made 16 so far and I have no desire to stop! Here's a picture of some that I've made so far. The silver clips are just there to show what kind of clip I'm covering. FYI. :) I'm so excited for Jaclyn to be able to wear these, but for now I guess I'll be giving them to my neices and as baby shower gifts etc. What's funny is that only one of them is like the ones I made at Super Saturday! I kind of went another direction with them! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Leggings

Heather bought these cute leggings and was trying them out on Claire and Jaclyn. Here are some she got of Jaclyn! I'm in LOVE with them and am so happy she took them!!! Thanks Heather!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Hate Thinking Of Titles!!

I decided I'm not waiting for Jeffrey to touch up any more pictures! He's been so busy lately with work and class that any spare time he has, I make him share with me, not the computer. So I can't complain! This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it! We did not plan this pose, it was totally candid! We just happened to make the same dumb face at the same time and I'm so glad we did!! Because it makes me happy! :)

Here are Jaclyn and my mom! My sister, Elizabeth pointed out that it looks like my mom is holding my dad as a baby. I had to laugh because it's true. Here's my dad as a baby.

My kids and I got his eyebrows! Thanks Dad! :)

So I've been wearing my glasses for over a year now. I ran out of contacts and I never made an appointment to get a new prescription, and I can't buy more contacts until I get one. I don't know why it's the biggest hassle to make an appointment and actually go to it, but for some reason I haven't yet. And I HATE it! I've always felt like a total dork with glasses, because I've had them since grade 3 and was basically called that a lot! So even though I know my glasses are "stylish" and I don't look like a total dork, when I feel them on my nose, I automatically feel like I'm 10 again. So I want my contacts back!! Maybe I'll call and make an appointment today! :) On the plus side, I've saved a lot of money from not buying them for a year! :)

Okay, these next few pictures are still from Christmas Eve/Morning and I know that is long gone, but I still wanted to share a few.

Brett was an angel and put Jaclyn to sleep on Christmas Eve and then eventually fell asleep himself and held her for a few hours like that! It was soo cute! We kept asking him if he wanted us to take her, but he'd wave us away and fall back asleep again. He loved it and so did she!! I love seeing the nurturing come out of young, tough guys! Brett is that way with all his neices and nephews, he's a softy for them! :)

I just love this picture of the kids eagerly waiting to go downstairs and open all the presents! Jacey loves his Claire, he always talks about her at home and wants to go upstairs and play with her! He often can't resist kissing her, like he is in this picture!

After all the hustle and bustle of opening presents, Grandpa and Jaclyn zonked out on the couch! There is nothing as cute as snuggling sleeping babies!!

So now that I've gotten all the Christmas stuff out of my system, I guess I'll give a little update on our family and what's going on this new year.

Jeffrey's taking his first course towards getting his CIP. He loves it and has been pursuing insurance on a new level. For me, I've been thinking a lot lately about my health and weight (as we all do, especially after Christmas) and have been doing a lot better about what I eat and especially when and what I snack on! It's hard, but it will be worth it. Now I just have to figure out a workout that will fit into my daily schedule and things should hopefully progress the way I want them to! It all seems so far away though, it's hard to keep at it! I totally admire those who do!!!!

Jacey has been acting like a newborn at night lately and will wake up and NOT sleep without us either snuggling, or singing or whatever! It's driving us nuts, because Jaclyn will still wake up throughout the night too, so both Jeffrey and I will be up several times and it's getting really old!! I feel like this will never end and I will never get a full night's sleep ever again! It's depressing! :( Other than that, he's great! He's got such a fun personality and he is starting to speak so well! He makes me laugh all the time, especially when he's supposed to be in trouble or in a timeout. It's so hard to keep a straight face! He still loves to cuddle and is basically just a big baby! Which isn't always good, but we sure love him!

Jaclyn loves to dance and will do it on command! It's adorable and always brings a smile to my face! She loves Jacey and follows him around and laughs at everything he does. They love to play together, which makes me SO happy. For two reasons. One, they keep each other busy and I can get more done, and two, it melts my heart to see them love each other so much! One thing that keeps me busy with Jaclyn is constantly making sure she's not eating or choking on something. EVERYTHING she finds goes straight into her mouth! Jacey NEVER did that, he would even play with money and not even one piece would end up in his mouth. I'm constantly finding Jaclyn choking on wet wipes, kleenex, leaves, lint, food Jacey's dropped on the floor etc. It sure keeps me on my toes!

Over all, we're doing pretty well! I can't wait for the snow to go away so we can go outside and play! That always seems to break up the day nicely! For now, we're just having fun in our little basement suite, playing and learning! :) I've been told that one day I will long for the days when I was at home with my little babies, so I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it! I'm blessed to have really good kids. Sure they drive me nuts almost daily, but they really are good and are TONS of fun! I'm blessed to have such a wonderful husband as well, who will take time to play with our kids and take care of me. I'm a very lucky lady!!! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just A Few Pics

Hello! I have tons of pictures I want to post, but I can only post as fast as Jeff works on them. Here are just a few of Christmas Morning! It was so much fun to have a child that was aware of the gifts and had fun opening them! And this year no one was sick for christmas morning, so that was a huge bonus! We are all sick right now though and it really stinks! Jacey and Jeffrey have recovered, it's just us girls that need to get better now. Anyway, I hope to post more pictures soon!