Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby #3 Ultrasound

I realize now that I haven't mentioned anything yet on this blog that we are expecting another baby. So for those of you who don't know...we are!! We're due April 16/11 and are soo soo soo excited!!! I've been so much more paranoid this pregnancy, with having lost the last one and even with Jaclyn's lung problems in the womb, that waiting for this ultrasound to come around was TORTURE!! And I'm pretty sure I drove the tech doing the ultrasound crazy with all my questions! Ha. But after she was done, she said that everything according to her looked normal and healthy. I had to tell her that I wouldn't hold it to her if something turned up wrong, I knew I kind of put a lot of pressure on her!! It was soo fun to see the baby moving and kicking and see it's little heart beat!! Such a relief as well!! I've been feeling the baby move around more, but it's not enough for me!! It is totally my favorite part of pregnancy and that also has been a torture to wait for! I don't want to just feel it, but SEE it moving!! Anyway, just wanted to post a few of my favorite pics from today. The baby totally has Jaclyn's nose, and Jacey's legs. :) So cute!!!! I'm really excited to see how this one looks. So far we have a mini Jeffrey and a mini Emily. Wonder who this one will look like!!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

My Tender Little Boy :)

Friday night Jacey and I were snuggled on the couch watching something on Playhouse Disney, when he turned to face me with his eyes filled with tears and his lips quivering. He looked at me and said "Mom, when I was in heaven and you were at work....I reaallly miisssed yoouuuu!!!!" and he burst into tears!! I couldn't help getting choked up myself with his sudden display of emotion!! He didn't elaborate anymore than that, and after a few minutes of sniffling and snuggling, he was back into his show again. Jacey has randomly said things of this nature to me before and I try to think back to any sort of conversation we may have had about me working before he was born, but I can't think of any. So I'm convinced he was really remembering something from when he was heaven while I was working. When I was on my mission, my mission president told me that if at times I felt discouraged, to think of my kids up in heaven cheering me on! And after hearing things like this, I'm sure at times that they were. I know that I often think loved ones up there are too busy with other things to make the time to look down on us, but I'm also sure it happens! I always like to think that my grandmas are looking out for me from time to time too! :) Anyway, I'm grateful for this experience with Jacey to remind me of the bigger picture. I'm grateful for my knowledge of the plan of salvation and that we existed before this earth, that we have a purpose here now and that we will exist again after!