Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hello all! I just wanted to post some pictures of Jacey. It's been hitting me lately that I am going to have two children soon and my special solo time with Jacey is coming to an end! I've loved devoting all my attention to him and feeling his love in return. It's weird to me that he will never remember this past year, when it's been so meaningful to me. He'll never remember a time without his younger sister. And though that's good, because he probably won't care or react badly to her joining our family, I wish he'd remember this one on one time we've had just the two of us. Ahh..I love that boy!! Also, I wanted to welcome my husband, Jeffrey into the world of blogging. I've been bugging him tons to start a blog and he finally did!! So feel free to check it out, his link is on the top of my list on the right side of this page. And enjoy!
Our future Deejay

Jacey in his new suit!

Jacey playing with my hair. He's always had a love for it! It's very endearing :)

He just recently started enjoying this Christmas gift from Nana. His rocking dinosaur. :)

After one of his many haircuts...I would love to learn how to really cut his hair so we didn't always have to buzz it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is by far, mine and Jeffrey's favorite American Idol contestant this year. David Archuleta. He is 16 years old and he is from Utah (I don't think he's LDS). He recently recovered from some disease that caused him to temporary lose the use of his vocal cords. As you can see now, he uses them quite well!! And he is the kindest, most humble guy out there this year. He puts so much emotion into each of his performances, it's really touching! This was his performance last night and it was BY FAR the best!!! If any of you have access to American voting power (ex. family, friends that live down there), vote for him!!! He for sure deserves to be the next American Idol!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just a cute little video clip to show you all. Jacey was so cute and playful and I'm not sure why this washcloth was bothering him so much, or why he kept letting Jeffrey do it over and over again. But we thought it was pretty entertaining! Enjoy!

Lunar Eclipse 2008

I've seen an eclipse of both the sun and the moon before, but it's still an amazing sight to see! I've always had a fascination with/fear of the moon. It's incredible to look at, especially when it's a really clear night and you can see the details of it. But that's also what scares me. Because the moon is in space, and since I can see it so clearly, I feel like I'm in space too, and I've always been afraid of space. It's too weird to explain, apparantly I have some issues, but nevertheless, I like the moon. Anyway, last night we were up at Crystal & Jonathan's "borrowing" their deck to view the moon from. Jeffrey had a fun time trying to capture the beauty of it all. I think he did a pretty good job! This is one of my favorites by far. It's surreal to me! Hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Need Your Opinions...

My favorite pastime (besides hanging out with Jeffrey and Jacey) is reading and I feel like I've read everything I can think of. And several times! So I just wanted to know what books there were out there that perhaps I haven't read yet, that anyone would recommend. I can't name all the books I've already read, but just so that I don't get recommended a lot of the same books I have read, here are a few. The Twilight fact I just started again for lack of anything else to read. I've read the Harry Potter series, and I've read many church novels and church series like The Work & The Glory, Children of the Promise, Hearts of the Children etc . I also have read many many Mary Higgens Clark books. So besides those, I would love to get some opinions on other good reads out there! It's the perfect hobby for when there is no housework to get done and Jacey is napping. And also for when Jacey goes down to bed at night and Jeffrey is on the computer for long periods of time. If I have something to read, then we don't fight about him spending time on the computer, but if I have nothing to do, I nag him until he gets off and spends time with me. So books are a win/win situation for us! :) Anyway, I hope that someone out there can help me! Looking forward to getting some feedback!

Monday, February 11, 2008

How stinking lovable is that face??

Today was the LONGEST day ever! Jeffrey and I had a consultation with a pediatric surgeon at the Children's Hospital to go over possibilities of treatment for our baby when she's born. It was over an hour and half and she just FILLED our brains with so much info. She even had a couple of textbooks of anatomy and surgery for babies that she went through with us. We went over every possible scenario and route that our baby could take and what all the different results would or could be and what our options were for treatment. I've got to admit, it scared me a bit. We have been feeling pretty good about our situation lately, her cysts have remained the same size, meaning that as she's growing and her body's getting bigger, her cysts that aren't growing, are actually seemingly getting smaller in her lungs. But from the meeting today, and the things she told us that could happen after birth, even in our case, I'm a little more worried again. But maybe I'm just supposed to be continuing to exercise a little more faith than I have been. And that's okay. This surgeon said that of all the babies she's treated with this problem, she's only lost one...and it wasn't during surgery or anything, it was the family's decision to take her off of support. So that was encouraging. I'm actually not worried that we're going to lose her, just concerned about the condition that she'll be in. And worried about whether it will affect her long term or not. Anyway, there was so much information floating around, that it's too much to share, and in fact, I'm not quite sure if I've kept it all in my head. But after that really really long consultation, in a small, poorly lit, warm room (which Jeffrey almost dozed off in a few know, the eye crossing doze) we had an ultrasound. But that took much longer than normal because the tech couldn't get a good picture of the lungs. So she tried for a while, unsuccessfully and then we waited forever for the doctor to come in and do it herself. She finally found an okay shot, wasn't the best, but she was at least able to make a measurement of the cysts. Which is what we needed. Apparantly, her spine was casting a shadow over the lower part of her lung, which was exactly where we needed to be looking. Silly girl. It's actually been really fun to have so many ultrasounds (besides the actual reason why we need them). Because we get to see her growing and developing so much more. She is always sticking her tongue out, or licking her hands, and she yawns all the time. It's so fun to watch her!! But ultrasounds are really hard for me. I have wicked bad SI joint pain and laying on my back for an hour or more really really hurts. So I've been limping around all afternoon with sharp shooting pains up and down my leg and back. It's lovely! :) At least I'm not using canes like my sister eventually had to. :) I hope it never gets that bad. Well, that was my long day of appointments. I usually only have one at a time, but today they were lumped together. I feel so pampered though. I've met so many people and doctors and they each seem to take our case very seriously and personally. I know that they'll be doing and have been doing all that they can to make sure our little girl is okay! It's a nice feeling!

Monday, February 04, 2008

At Last!!

We have finally gotten a new computer and I can blog again!! Ours broke way back in the fall and I've had to only blog when I was at someone else's house. Which was so annoying! And I couldn't load any pictures...and now I can! Happy day!

Nothing too exciting has happened lately. We bought Jacey one of those little kids plush chairs. It's Lightning McQueen from Cars. He LOVES it. He has figured out a method to sit in it, he steps up with one foot, sits on it, then turns around and kicks his feet out. It's so fun to watch him. He is getting so big and talking so much. We understand practically nothing, but there are some definite phrases that are different and regular. One day we'll get it. Pretty much we understand "what's that" and that's about it. He says that all the time and to everything. Over and over again. And over again. He's very curious!

So the other night, Jeffrey was taking the garbage that had collected over the week from outside the back door and he was going to bring it through our house, upstairs and to the front lawn where it would be collected the next morning. And as soon as he got it in the back door, he kind of jumped, made some kind of noise (I would say screamed, but he'd be embarrassed) and dropped the bags. I thought it was a spider and since I'm not afraid of those, I went over to kill it. But when I went around to see what it was, a lovely, little brown mouse scurried from the bags and ran under our microwave (yes, we have a microwave on the floor in our living room..still no kitchen). Well, I AM afraid of mice, so I screamed and grabbed Jacey and jumped up on the couch. For the next 20 minutes or so, we watched the mouse run from the microwave to behind our TV stand. We were trying to figure out how to trap it so that Jeffrey could kill it. (We're not about "saving" the little critters and putting them back outside..they'd just find their way back in again). Anyway, we somehow didn't notice that the mouse was no longer under the microwave or the TV stand. But it soon ran out from behind the fridge across the room and into the bottom of our computer desk. From there it ran into Jacey's room under his crib!! Don't ask me why we didn't block the other rooms off before this, we were really dumb!! Anyway, Michael and Melinda got home then and Michael and Jeffrey took most of everything out of Jacey's room and then we locked them in and blocked the floor under the door with a towel and said that they couldn't come out until the mouse was dead. So Melinda, Jacey and I were safely videoing the event from outside the room. Wow, I just realized that normally, they would be regular doors that you can't see through, so we would have missed it all, but they're glass, french doors, so we got to see them freak out everytime the mouse took a run for it! It took a while, but finally the boys set up a trap for the mouse and it worked and a big wooden board fell on the mouse and it died. And thank goodness there was no blood. I was prepared for that, and I would have been happier with a bloody mess to clean up than a mouse in our house. But luckily, there wasn't any. We have some video footage of the mouse after it died, but I probably won't post it, that would be mean. It was sad that he had to die, but he chose the wrong house to come into. I was so grateful that they killed him though, cause if they hadn't, I was not going to be sleeping there until it was gone. I got used to a lot of bugs and gross things on my mission, but since we lived in the third story of a house, mice weren't something that I came across at all. At least inside. Give me spiders, cockroaches, geckos..I can handle those, but not mice! Anyway, glad that's all over with!

Here are a few pictures of Jacey. It's been a long time since I've posted recent pictures of him. He's getting so tall, but is still so skinny. He's walking like crazy and climbing up on things too. He has so much energy and it's exhausting for me to chase him around. I don't know how I'm going to handle 2 babies at the same time! I may regret it. Just kidding, not really, but it will be hard. My hat goes off to those of you that already are doing it, and especially to Crystal with her twins! :) Can't imagine!

Jacey and his beloved Jean-Jacques. He always manages to get into this basket somehow. I wanted to have Jeffrey photoshop this picture before he went to work, but he didn't have time, so I attempted to do it. Jeffrey helped me over the phone, but I totally made Jacey's feet look fake and fuzzy. I tried! Sorry to disgrace the art Jeffrey. :)

Now here's the real deal...Jeffrey did this one. I love that little man Jacey and his tongue!! Whenever he grows a new tooth, he plays with it with his tongue. So cute!