Saturday, May 31, 2008

So can you tell this is me?? :) I'd just like to say that I did not pose for this picture. Whenever I get on the computer, Jeffrey thinks it's fun to take pictures of me. And I have no say in the matter. Anyway, when he took this one, he saw potential and created this! Wouldn't it be a great ad? I think he should start selling his work to these companies!! Below is a fun wintery ad of our wedding rings. He's so good! Oh by the way, obviously I don't smoke, the smoke was just added for effect! :)

Happy Birthday to Brett and Jonathan! We haven't had cake for my brother, Jonathan yet, but this was Brett's party. Yummy chinese food and a DELICIOUS chocolate/score cake after!! Thank you for being born!

So my poor mom. She fell off a horse. Again. :( It's so sad!! This horse is not the horse she fell off. This is Mauritius. :) The horse she fell off is Misty. She has only been in the process of being broken in for a couple months now. But my mom got on her anyway. She loves horses so much that she will do things other people might be scared to do. Unfortunately, my mom is a "delicate flower" as my dad calls her. And when the horse bolted for whatever reason, my mom couldn't hold on. My dad thought he watched her die as she flipped off and landed in a bush. She was so white and immobile when she landed. He said she looked like a ragdoll. When he heard her moaning he realized that she was alive, but he thought for sure she would be a quadriplegic or something. She was rushed to the hospital from Cardston to Calgary in an ambulance. Strapped tightly to a board. My poor mom. They knew she had broken ribs and her shoulder blade, and they thought her diaphram ruptured, but they weren't sure about her neck and spine, so they sent her to Calgary like that, so they could take the best care of her. Also so that they could do the surgery necessary to fix the diaphram if they had to. Turns out she broke 8 ribs, snapped off a piece of her shoulder blade (which is still floating around in her body somewhere) and punctured a lung. Now the first time she fell off a horse, she broke 4 ribs and punctured a lung. And that was on the other side of her body. Now she's broken both sides!! My poor mom. She is in the hospital right now until her lung is stable. There is nothing they can do about her shoulder blade or her ribs. So it will be a long, painful process to recovery. And the saddest thing of all for my mom is that she knows she can't ride horses anymore!!! It is her absolute passion and she has to give it up! At least if she ever attempts to ride again, it has to be on an absolutely trained horse!!! Of many years!! Cause none of us would let her do it otherwise!! It's so scary when accidents like this happen. It totally is a reality check. Things happen so quickly and you never know the outcome. She could have been killed or injured way worse than she was. She is so blessed!! I love her and I'm so sad that she's going through all of this, but so happy she is okay!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

We've been able to capture some of Jaclyn's smiles on camera lately, which is so fun, because she's got the cutest little grin! It's so completely different from Jacey's. His smile is side to side, Jaclyn's is up and down. Jeffrey and I have the same difference. Anyway, here are a couple of Jaclyn's smiles and one of Jacey's around the same age that she is now.

Whenever I lay Jaclyn down to change her, she twists her head back to watch TV.

Here's a picture of Jaclyn's cousin, Claire. I haven't put any pictures of her on my blog yet and that needed to be remedied. She is absolutely beautiful!! I love this picture of her! She is such a sweet baby! So interactive and smiley! I can't wait till Jaclyn and her become aware of each other and start to play!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just had to post this picture tonight.  I haven't had any new ones of Jaclyn recently and I loved this one of her.  She is so loved by her big brother! 

Friday, May 23, 2008

The other night we had dinner upstairs with the Lees and boy was it a blast!! Her girls are soo much fun to watch with Jacey. They can make him laugh so hard! The only time I ever hear him laugh like that is when Jeffrey's playing with him. And of course, we took a bunch of pictures. Not of him laughing unfortunately, we got that on video. :)
The next morning, Cari, Crystal and I got together with our kids and had a playdate. We haven't gotten the three of us together for a long time. Especially with our kids. They played well together and we girls certainly had fun! We watched an old home video that Cari and I made for Crystal's birthday when she was at Ricks back in the day. Man, we are so dumb!! We thought we were so funny, but we just embarrassed ourselves. It was fun to watch anyway. :) I've been so happy the last couple of days, because Jacey has finally gotten back into his normal routine. Actually, a new and improved routine!! Since he was sick he wouldn't go to bed by himself, and if he woke up in the night, he needed us to console him. I never mind doing that, especially if he's sick, because it's no fun to be sick alone. But it's so hard to get him to go to sleep by himself after he's well again. But he's back to normal now, and this time he doesn't wake up at 7am. He sleeps stll 8:30!!!!! Almost 12 whole hours!!! It is amazing how much of a difference that makes in our day! I LOVE it!! Since Jaclyn's been born, Jacey has shown no signs of jealousy or resentment towards her. Until this past week. He doesn't resent her, I'm so glad about that. Actually, he doesn't even really show jealousy, he just makes sure he gets as much "mommy-time" as she does. I think he sees that I see to her every need, feeding, changing, rocking etc. and now he won't take a bottle or be put in bed, unless I do it. He's never cared whether Jeffrey or I did that for him, but now he only wants me. Which melts my heart, but it's not the most convenient thing. And sometimes I don't think it's necessarily me, but my hair. It's the only thing that can calm him down if he's upset, or help him get sleepy, or get him through a whole bottle without getting bored. He constantly plays with it. And he likes it soo much better straight, than curly. Which is too bad for him, cause I rarely have time to do it. I LOVE that he loves my hair though. It's a good thing I like long hair, because I probably won't ever cut it too short for him to hold.Jaclyn has been sick for so long now. I don't even know what to call it. She just has a really stuffy nose. Constantly. I give her saline drops all day long, but it's only a temporary solution. I feel so bad for her when I hear her trying to breath. I hope it is just a really long side effect of her cold and not anything to do with her lung problem. I hate that I'm paranoid about that. Every problem or sickness that she'll come across will constantly have me worrying about her lungs! We're going to the doctor on Monday. Hopefully he can ease my mind about it all.

Most of you probably know that Jeffrey has been able to take some time off work to be at home with me to deal with postpardum junk and help out with both kidlings. It's been WONDERFUL to have him here and I know it's been too good to be true. Next week is his last week with me and June 2, he'll start working again. I'm nervous and excited to move on and try to handle things alone. I'm hoping that it will help me start losing weight. :) Having to run around and do everything for both kids. I don't know if I'll ever be able to lose weight, I CAN'T say no to food. It's the dumbest thing. I look in the mirror and I hate what I see. But when I see a bag of chips, or candy or whatever it may be (even healthy stuff) I can't resist. What will it take to be motivated enough to actually do something about it? *SIGH* :) I'm so impressed with all the moms out there that do it. What is your secret??

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We've had lots of fun this past week with the NICE weather we've been having!  Jacey loves being outside and can't get enough of it.  We've had outings to parks and we've even gone to the zoo twice this week.  We decided to invest in some annual passes this year.  So far it's been worth our money.  :)  We went on Tuesday by ourselves, then again on Thursday with Michael, Melinda and Claire.  Claire was an angel and slept the ENTIRE time we were there.  Jaclyn cried for about half the time and ate for the other half.  Well, she did sleep a little bit.  Jacey had fun, he doesn't really get that excited about the animals yet, but like I said, he just likes being outdoors.  We got him one of those "leashes" for kids.  It's soo cute and he LOVES it.  He thinks he's in charge, and we don't have to chase after him as much.  It's a win/win situation.  The second outing to the zoo was more eventful animal-wise.  They were more active and playful.  I love this picture that Jeffrey got of the bear.  It is soo cute.  Looks just like how a little boy would play in the water.  We're not doing anything special for the long weekend this year.  There are some things that are happening in town that are keeping us here, but with the weather so nice, there's really no point in leaving.  If only we had a pool....

The zoo is exhausting!

Our family hanging out at Michael & Melinda's after an afternoon at the park.

Snuggling with mom & dad.

Enjoying a few skits from SNL. I don't look very amused, but believe me, I AM!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Poor Jacey is sick....again! And I think he's making Jaclyn sick. Which could be scary! We're supposed to watch carefully to see how she reacts to any illness to determine if the cysts are still in her lung. She's only stuffy so far, so we'll see what happens as the cold progresses. It's hard to keep Jacey away from her though, he loves little Jack-Jack! That's how Jacey says her name! Love it!

Hard at work blogging!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I don't have time to write much, but here are a few pics that we've taken over the past couple of days.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Tonight on the way home from dinner at my parents house, Jacey fell asleep in the van. He had a really short nap during sacrament meeting today and didn't go down for a nap later (I hate sundays for that!!). So he was really tired. It was around 7:30 when we came home, so I wanted him to wake up for a bit so he'd take a bottle and go to bed later. He's a really early riser as it is, and if he goes to bed earlier than 8pm, he's up at around 6am. Anyway, I tried waking him up when we got home and he wouldn't, so I laid him on the floor hoping that it would be uncomfortable and he'd wake up. I guess I forgot that tired kids will sleep anywhere! He ended up waking up when I changed his diaper and put his jammies on, but we were able to get these CUTE pictures of him before I did that!! I can't believe how much I love this boy!!

We were digging through old photos and found this one of us at my parents "mountain home" when we were dating. Between the sexy coat and braces, I'm not sure what he saw in me! :)