Friday, July 21, 2006


So here are two of our favorite pictures. Sorry I didn't post them last night. I realized too late, that I needed the sun to be in the window to take the pictures. So I had to wait until today. Anyway, enjoy...I certainly do. It's insane that this cute little baby is just hanging out inside of me. I can't wait until I can really feel it kicking and moving around. I feel little movements and what not..but for all I know, it could just be I'm excited for the "real thing!" Oh yeah... for all you "experts" out there, if you think you know what our baby is from these pictures, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!! I'm all about the surprise. :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well I decided ultrasounds aren't the most enjoyable experience. My bladder was so full that it was killing me and I thought for sure I was going to let everything go as soon as the tech starting pushing that stupid wand around my stomach!!! I felt incredibly lucky that she took the few pictures that she needed to with my bladder full, then let me empty it before we continued. Also, my back was killing me by the end of it all, because I was lying on my back for WAY TOO LONG!! Anyway...I'm getting ahead of myself. So my ultra sound was at 2pm at the Foothills Professional Building. Same place as last time. And I was to meet Jeffrey there at 1:45, so he could change from his work clothes and we could go up together. However, I told him that if he was at all late, I would go in myself and he could meet me up there. I get there right on time and I didn't see him. I kept trying to call Michael's cell (they were working together) but it was turned off. So..a little frusterated, I went in to the appointment alone. My appointment was surprisingly on time and I was actually called in 5 minutes early to start doing everything. I was a little worried about where Jeffrey was and I told the lady that I wanted to wait until my husband got there...he was on his way. She just assured me that they would have him come in when he got there and I needed to change and start anyway. So I changed as slowly as possible, hoping he'd get there. I told the tech that was doing my ultrasound I wanted to wait for Jeffrey. She gave me the same answer as the first lady and showed me into the room. I was totally freaking out in my mind thinking he wasn't going to make it and he was going to miss everything. And for already emotional the extra pregnancy hormones...I knew tears could come at anytime. But.. we started the ultrasound and that's when she took the few pictures and told me to relieve myself after. Well that was a heavenly moment and I again, took as long as possible hoping that Jeffrey would be there when I was done. But he wasn't. :( I went back into the room and heard my phone vibrating in my purse. I asked the tech if I could answer (as there is a big sign...NO CELL PHONES) because I thought it was Jeffrey. So I did...and it was him. Turns out, he went to the maternity clinic where I have my monthly checkups. Which is 15 mins away. And his ride, Michael, had already left and Jeffrey was stranded there. Well as soon as I heard that, my already suppressed emotions and tears just exploded! The poor tech lady must have thought Jeffrey got in an accident or something!! So Jeffrey..who was in tears himself...told me to not let them start (too late!!) and/or to change the appointment. But I couldn't really cancel the appointment, seeing as how I was already in the middle of it. So thankfully, the tech saw how important it was to me that Jeffrey was there, and told me that it would be about 1/2 hour before she was done looking at everything she needed to for the exam and if he wasn't there before that, she would let me wait and when he got there, she would pull us back in for a little "showing" with Jeffrey. So Jeffrey ended up getting a cab over to where I was and made it just as she was finishing up. He actually got dropped off at the hospital and ran as fast as he could down and across the street and right up to the room I was in. He was so out of breath!! But adorable! I couldn't be mad at him for thinking it was the other place, because he was so upset about it himself!! We had wanted to see if we could videotape the ultrasound (if that's even allowed), but didn't want to put the tech out she was already being extra nice to us. Anyway, it was wonderful to have Jeffrey there. She did another whole showing of the baby and explained all the developing organs and parts. I was so paranoid that she would announce what gender it was..and so I made sure that I told her that I didn't want to know. She was good at avoiding that whole part for us. :) Our baby was moving a lot and we were able to see it from many different angles and get some good pics too. My favorite is of it's little bum and feet. It's from the back end of a "kneeling with your bum in the air" position. It's little butt cheeks are so cute and perfectly round. And the cute little feet are adorable!!!! I love it!! I'm waiting for Jeffrey to get home from work (another late night..thanks to the time taken off for the appointment this afternoon) to choose some pictures to post. But they'll be on here tonight for sure! Anyway, that was the whole experience...good in the end, but it definitely toyed with my heart!! Okay...who else loves the show "The Office?" It is mine and Jeffrey's FAVORITE show ever. We're completely addicted!! We love Pam and Jim because it reminds us of our own "office romance" days. :) It is the funniest show ever. We downloaded all of season 1 and 2, but the rule is, one can't watch it without the other, so I need Jeffrey here so I can satisfy my "office" craving!! Ahhh...time well wasted. Well, I'm sorry for the major lack of non posting lately. Actually....when have I ever been good at it? :) I actually wasn't feeling too bad, because Melinda hadn't posted forever either...but she did today. So that was my motivation to do so as well. Thanks Melinda. :) And I figured that maybe if I changed the template, it would be more fun to keep posting. We'll see. Well, "that's it for me...goodnight everybody!!!" (anyone know what that's from??)