Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Lovely Laurels

So not only are these girls GORGEOUS on the outside as is so apparant from these amazing pictures (courtesy of Heather Ward Photography) but they are just as beautiful, if not more so, on the inside!!  I have had the amazing privilege of being their young women's leader for the past two years or  so. (I actually can't remember when I was called).  I have absolutely loved my calling, which included teaching them every sunday and participating in weekly activities.  I have learned so much from the things I have studied and from these girls and their amazing testimonies and examples!  I was devastated to the point of tears when I was told a few weeks ago by the bishop that I was being called to another area in the ward and would be released from being their advisor.  I knew this day would come eventually, but I was hoping it would be maybe 6 years from now??...if that!!  I will always cherish the relationships I have made with these girls (and all the YW and leaders) and I know that our friendships will continue to grow from here on!  Thank you girls for loving me and accepting me the way you have!!  You're amazing and I love you!!! 

PS. Sadly, a few of the Laurels couldn't make it to the shoot.  We missed you!!!

PPS.  My new calling is the second counselor in the Primary presidency, which I am VERY excited about!  It's very different and very applicable to my life right now as I have little ones at home!  I'm look forward to the different ways I'll learn and grow from this calling!  

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dorothy the Dinosaur

We are huge Wiggle fans at our house (not at first though, believe me, we couldn't STAND them).  And along with the Wiggles come Dorothy and all her fun friends.  So when we saw that Dorothy was coming to Calgary, we jumped on the chance to go.  Since I was such a keener, we got second row seats along with Heather, Gannon and their kids!  The concert was this past tuesday night and let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  But from looking around, I think Jeffrey and I were the only adults dancing along.  haha!  I was soo happy that we decided to go.  When Dorothy walked out on stage, Jacey looked like he had died and gone to heaven!  I think he was actually in shock!  It looked like he was in love!  The cutest was after a few minutes of watching her, he looked at Jeffrey and I, smiled and put his arms around both our necks and gave us a squeeze!  It was his little way of saying thank you!!  I think I would do anything for him just for that little act of gratitude!!  He melts me!  We didn't get a lot of pictures, but here are a few of the show and of the kids enjoying it.  Jacey and Nixon were so cute, every time a song started, they would get off their chairs, turn around and use them to bounce up and down on.  Nixon didn't always join in the dancing, and when he didn't, Jacey would twirl all by himself.  What can I say, he LOVES Dorothy!  :)  

These next two pictures aren't the greatest, but I love them anyway.  We built a fort yesterday and the kids had a blast being in it.  Here Jacey is making Jaclyn laugh.  And when she would laugh, he would laugh.  And then I would laugh.  Life pretty much can't get any better when my kids are laughing!  As you can see, both my babies need a hair cut!  Jaclyn definitely has a mullet and Jacey's is just too shaggy.  Maybe that will be my next post! :) 

This weekend ALL the Palmers and the Pratts are going out to the condo in Invermere and because of Jaclyn being sick this week and Jacey's major sleep issues (I'm pretty sure he has a sleeping disorder), we opted to stay home.  We will miss everyone and all the fun they are bound to have!!   Don't have too much fun without us guys!  To ease the blow, Jeffrey is going to take me out either tonight or tomorrow night.  I do love a good night out! :)  And they don't happen often enough!  Anyway, hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend!  And I hope the weather gets better too!