Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I never liked doing crafts as a child. I hated it in fact. Actually I hated anything to do with developing skills, such as cooking, sewing etc. I pretty much only read as a child. And played the piano. I obviously regret that now because I feel like I fail in the "housewife" department. I don't know nearly enough about the things that I'm supposed to be able to do effortlessly! But I don't mean to get into all of that, I'm getting off track. Now that I'm a mom, I LOVE doing crafts!! I think it's so fun and I love getting my kids excited about whatever craft I can. So I love special holidays that bring out an even greater desire to create. But because I never had much practice doing crafty things, my finished products look like a child did them. Because, well...that's the level I'm at. So I feel kind of dumb posting what we made today for Valentine's Day. Most people post professional looking products that could be sold for money!! But that's okay. :) My kids don't know they have an "underdeveloped" mother. Okay, now I'm really laughing at myself, because I didn't even come up with these crafts myself. I found them online. I'm not a creater, I'm a copier. But I still had tons of fun and so did my kids! That's all that matters, right?? Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

These would have worked a LOT better with cardstock. The hearts are made with crayon shavings melted by the iron between wax paper.

About to devour their heart sandwiches. And yes, it's lunch time
and we're still not dressed. Some days are just like that!

I know this is more of a girly craft, but Jacey still wanted to make one. :)