Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Camera

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks but I got to open my present early this year! I've been complaining to Jeffrey about not having any pictures of my kids. For two reasons, one-he is so busy he doesn't get time to take any and two-I have no clue how to use his camera, even on auto I seem to mess it up! So I've been begging for my own little, point and shoot digital camera!! And he got me one!! I'm so excited! It's really really nice too! Here's what it looks like.It's so wonderful! It's 10mp and has complete underwater capabilities up to 10 feet and is shock proof and crush proof! Which is awesome because I've already dropped it and so have my kids! It's a total versatile little thing and can handle a lot of wear and tear. It was quite funny actually, I didn't realize it was waterproof when Jeffrey gave it to me and after he had looked at it and was handing back to me, he "accidentally" dropped it into a glass of water and I FREAKED out!! He of course had a great laugh but then explained it to me! It doesn't look waterproof, you would expect it to be covered in plastic or rubber or something. Anyway, I took it to swimming lessons today and got a few pictures! And since it's so easy to use, I've taken tons of my kids over the past few days! It makes me happy! And although the picture quality is nothing compared to Jeffrey's camera, at least I'm capturing memories. Plus, Jeffrey can always photoshop them anyway, so they still have potential! :) Here are just a few random ones I've taken. My kids are getting so big to me, Jaclyn is starting to walk on her own now without being coaxed and it just hit me that she is actually big enough to be turning one (this saturday)!! They are so much fun and LOVE to play together. They can make each other laugh like nobody else can! It makes my heart happy to watch them!! :)

Annnddd then here's the nice picture!! :) Jeffrey did this one. He looks so angelic, I love it! I wish he was always this angelic. He has been an absolute nightmare lately during the night. Won't go to sleep, wakes up every few hours..ahh!! And I wish I could just let him cry it out, that's how we used to solve this problem, but now he gets out of bed and comes out!! Drives me nuts and I don't know what to do about it! Any helpful sleeping tips would be VERY appreciated! :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pics & Swimming

First off, I have been wanting to post these pictures since the weekend, and have only now gotten around to it! Heather was kind enough to take some pictures of our kids, since Jeffrey has been too busy to even open our camera bag! I'm SO glad she is so willing to do that for us, because I love her work! We didn't intend on doing family pics, but we thought we'd jump in for a few anyway. Jacey wasn't really interested in posing well, so we'll definitely have to do some more again later, but they're still cute, so I thought I'd post them anyway. There are more of the kids that will come later, and I'll be sure to post them when they do. Thanks again Heather!!!
I also just wanted to document Jacey's first swimming lesson! My sister, Katie and sister-in-law, Mandi along with their kids Alexa and Brooklyn, and Jacey and I, joined a swimming class together. Since they're so young, we get to be in the water with them! It was so fun! It's at the VRRI, so basically it's like taking a big, warm bath! I was almost too hot! The class is really fun, they learn through songs and games different skills, like floating on back/tummy, blowing bubbles, hopping up and down, splashing, kicking etc. Mostly learning how to be comfortable in the water. I was a little worried about how Jacey would take it, since he hates lying down in the bath, or getting his head wet to rinse all the shampoo out. But he had a blast!! I'm so glad he is really excited about it, I hope it lasts the whole 8 weeks! His favorite part was the 5 minutes they got at the end of the class to go down the slide into the water. He was the first one in line and he went down with zero hesitation!! And he kept going and going! I was so proud of him!! It was a fun mommy moment! :) I'm excited for the following weeks and I hope he keeps progressing and gets more comfortable with his head/face being wet! I'm really excited too, because the week after Jacey's lessons end, Melinda and I are in a class with Claire and Jaclyn!! I wish there were some way I could take pictures!! Oh well! :)