Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Belly Shots

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

UPDATE - I added the before picture so you could see the difference between reality and Jeffrey's wonderful photoshop job! I know that it doesn't appear to be that big of a difference, weight wise, but since none of you believe me, I wanted to show you. :) If you can see, Jeffrey shrunk my arm, my back, my butt and he got rid of my double chin/cheek. And he added a lot better coloring to the whole picture. Don't worry, I don't have a self-esteem issue with my pregnant body, I just would rather have you not see all my flaws. :) But you pulled them out of me! :)

This is for Alysha. Well, it's for everyone who has wanted to see, but Alysha was the most vocal about it. :) She finally convinced me to get a picture on here before I have our baby. I'm never "ready" enough to take a picture, but tonight before I went to the YW activity, since I had makeup on, I had Jeffrey do a mini shoot of me. And thank goodness he can work photoshop, otherwise you wouldn't all have the privilege of seeing it. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jacey on the go, he never stops moving!

I've gotten really bored of looking at the same post I've had on my blog forever, but I don't feel like there is anything new to write about. I'm still pregnant. It's too long until my due date (April 4), and even then it's not guaranteed that I'll have her that day. I'm in pain all the time and really ready for it to end. I've had a few evenings now with some more intense contractions, nothing too painful, but they always go away and leave me wanting more. It's sad that it can get to the point when we wish for the pain, it gets that bad being pregnant! :) But enough complaining, I really am excited to have this little girl and can't wait to start dressing her up!! Preparing for her has been so much fun! I also can't wait to see how Jacey reacts to her. I hope he doesn't resent her. I think he's too little for that though. As long as I still give him attention, love and time, I'm sure it'll be fine! He loves kissing and snuggling everything and anything and I know it'll be the same with this little girl and I can't wait for pictures and footage of it! :)

Jacey has been coming up with some new vocabulary lately that is just so much fun. He doesn't perform though and some of the things that people have told me he's said, I haven't actually heard myself, because he doesn't repeat on demand. But some of the words that he's said are: apple (my personal favorite), star, draw, Jesus, yuck, Dad, Mom, Jean-Jacques, Nana, Santa, wow, ouch, oh no, uh oh, no, yes, ball, football, hut (the word you use in football, I don't know how you'd spell it), hot, what's that, yum, num-num (that means anything he can eat, in fact, just as I was typing this, I heard him say "num-num" and looked over to see him sitting at our entrance holding up a little rock, so I was able to prevent him from eating it...those words come in very handy) and last but not least, one, two, three. Except that "one" is actually said in French (un), and two and three are english. We didn't teach it to him in French, it's just a fluke that he pronounces it that way. :) I guess it's in him to be bilingual. And almost always, whatever he's holding he will throw on the count of three. It's usually a ball, but if we need him to let go of something, we just count to three. He's so much fun and he's growing so fast!! I know he understands so much of what we say to him. Now I can't wait till he can respond to us!

This past Easter weekend, both my family and Jeffrey's were out of town, so we had a very lonesome Easter Egg hunt for Jacey and he wasn't interested in it at all. I wanted him to have one with his cousins so he could at least feel the excitement of it. But he stopped caring after the first few candies and left the rest for Jeffrey to collect. Which Jeffrey enjoyed. :) Next year it will probably mean more to him. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying eating the chocolate that I won't be able to have in a few short weeks! Well, that's it for now. Hopefully, my next post will be all about my new baby girl!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Our poor little guy has been so sick this week! It started out monday evening when he puked all over the couch, floor and Jeffrey. Since then he's been going through all the wonderful things that happen when you have the flu. You all know what they are, so I won't go into detail. The only good thing about this all, is that he's been extra snuggly, as most sick kids are. But something that's been really different for him this time around, are his sleeping habits. Normally, Jacey won't fall asleep unless he's in his bed, with his bear and blanket. He won't sleep in our arms, in our bed, anywhere...unless he's DEAD tired, then he'll fall asleep in the car sometimes. But most times he just cries until he is put in his bed. But since he's been sick, the only way he's been able to fall asleep really well, is lying (with his bear of course) in the middle of the floor. He decides that it's time to nap, so he'll squirm out of our arms and find his bear and make himself comfortable on the floor somewhere. He'll sleep for hours like that during the day. It's so out of character for him, but so cute! He's been okay about sleeping through the night in his bed, but last night was awful. He woke up at around 3:30ish with a very messy diaper. After we changed it, he went right back into his bed with no complaints. 20 minutes later, he was up again, so Jeffrey tried to bring him into our bed with us. That only lasted for a few minutes, then he was crying to get out. So Jeffrey took him to his bedroom, laid him down on the floor and laid down beside him. Jeffrey said he calmed right down and he just tickled his back until they were both asleep. Two hours later, I woke up and realized Jeffrey was gone, so I went in to find them alseep on the floor like that. I woke Jeffrey up and as he was getting up, I swear every bone in his body from his neck to his ankles cracked as he stood up. Not the most comfortable sleeping position apparantly. Anyway, before Jeffrey could even attempt to transfer Jacey to his bed, Jacey sensed that Jeffrey was gone, and woke up crying. So we brought him back into our bed and he miraculously fell asleep there for the last 1 1/2 hours of the night. Which made sleeping for me that much more uncomfortable. But I was happy to do it so that Jacey could sleep. Poor boy! I can't wait for him to start feeling better, it's so sad to see him so sad. And in pain. Our unconditional love has been tested for this little guy each time he throws up. As soon as he starts to, he reaches for one of us with the saddest face and just wants to snuggle. So we've willingly been thrown up on just to comfort him. And we haven't cared one bit about it!! Ah..true love! It's amazing..parents will truly do anything for their kids. It's a great feeling! And imagine how much more Heavenly Father loves us. Now that's amazing!! Anyway, that's been our week, full of caring for him. I'm just glad he's sick now, and not in a few weeks when our little girl could potentially be joining us. Now I just have to sanitize our house so people can come in without being bombarded with disease!! Sorry for this post if any of you out there can't handle the details...I'm not a queasy person, so I'm a bad judge of how far to go....or not go :)

Monday before he officially got sick, just relaxing.

Monday evening after his first of many showers. (I long for a bathtub)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I'm sure many of you have already heard that Michael and Melinda had their baby! We were able to finally go and see them last night and it was SOO wonderful! They had a baby girl, soooo teeny, a little 5 pound and 12 ouncer. Her name is Claire Cynthia. So pretty! And it fits her. She is so beautiful and delicate! I loved holding her and staring at her precious little face! It made me crave having mine! I'm so excited that we will have two little girls so close in age that can grow up together and be friends!!! There are pictures of Claire on both Melinda's blog and Jeffrey's. Be sure to check both out, she is too cute to miss!!!