Monday, June 30, 2008


I have been waiting and waiting for Jeffrey to get his butt into gear and get a bunch of pictures together for me so I could blog! And finally he has. He has been super busy with other projects and hasn't had time to do the regular photography for me. Because of that, I have a million different things that I want to post, and of course now that I have the opportunity, I don't know what to say. Boo.

The most exciting thing for me this past month has been the rate at which Jacey is learning! He is so smart, I swear! :) (spoken like a true mom!) He knows so many letters, colors and shapes. He notices them everywhere and is always wanting me to tell him which is which. Then he runs around pointing at them and saying all the ones he knows. The best is when we sing the ABCs together. He sings along with me and tries to imitate all the sounds I'm making. He's pretty good at it. I never realized how proud of him I could be! What's funny to me is that he still hasn't learned numbers. He knows what they are and can tell numbers from letters....but he calls every number 2. :) Does he know that's my lucky number or something? I'm sure those will come along soon. He's also been saying so many more words and imitates words I tell him to try. Seriously, I'm so proud of him. I know that every child goes through this, and it's nothing new and exciting really, but it's my first time and I can't stop smiling about it!!!

Ooh, something random that happened today to Jacey, is that his thumb got dislocated. At least, I think that's what happened. I don't know how he did it, but Crystal noticed that his thumb looked funny. So when I checked it out, it was kind of red, and it was chubbier and shorter than the other one. As I was asking him if it hurt and was trying to move it around, I pushed down on the knuckle and pulled up on the top of the thumb and felt a POP as it went back into place. He didn't care one way or the other. He didn't say it hurt when I asked him and it seemed to be fine from then on. However, it has happened THREE more times today. I'm able to pop it back into place each time, but this last time was a little harder to do and he didn't like it at all!! I'm a little more concerned now!! Why is it doing that? Is something wrong??? Is he double jointed or something? Or is it not getting properly "put back" together? Should I not be "fixing" it each time?? Does any one know if there should be reason for concern?? Cause I'm concerned!! I hate going to the doctor for reasons that are not valid, so help me out if you can!!

We went to Invermere, BC last weekend with the Palmers and hung out at their condo and pool. It was fun to go swimming. It was a really hot day and the water felt so good. It was not fun to be in a swimming suit at all, I ended up swimming with my cover up dress on. :) I know it probably looked retarded, but I was doing everybody a favor. :) Jacey loved the water and he spent several hours in the pool and sun. He had a really long nap that afternoon because of it. :) Gotta love that!! Our baby girls (meaning Jaclyn and M & M's Claire) were so good. They just chilled on the patio in little swings/bouncy chairs. They had matching bathing suits on...they were SOO adorable!!! It was so nice to enjoy the outdoors and sun, with the chance to cool off when it got unbearable! I wish we could have a pool at home...that would be heaven!

This weekend we hung out with Melinda, Michael, Jess and Ryan and played Rock Band. It's so fun!! The drums are impossible for me! I can do the EASY level okay, but MEDIUM is pushing it. Kudos (did I really just use that word??) to Melinda who must have been a drummer in another life, because she truly ROCKS at it!! The reason I'm mentioning Rock Band is because of the picture I'm going to post. This is what our babies were doing for part of the evening while we were playing....lying on the table. Nice hey? :) They are getting so big and will now actually look at each other. I've mentioned it before, but I am just so excited that we have girls so close in age! I can't wait for them to grow up and love each other!!! :)

After Jacey's bath on saturday, his hair was sticking up a little bit, so we gave him what we called "a Nixon hairdo". We couldn't believe how different it made him look!! So big and grownup. At least we thought so. As cute as he is with long hair, we got it cut again today. It gets so long in the back and around the ears. Then it starts looking just gross. It's not as curly as Nixon's, therefore it doesn't have the same cute effect. We went to Beaners again today, and Jacey was so good for the hairdresser. We've been lucky so far! This picture is of him right after his new haircut!

Today we were lucky enough to get outside before the big thunderstorm hit! Talk about a drastic change in weather! It was so unbearably hot for most of the day, then all of a sudden it was raining with thunder for hours! I usually like hot weather, but ever since I was pregnant with Jacey, I can only take a little at a time. Jacey on the other hand, could stay out for hours. Our backyard is small, but he has the time of his life running around out there!

Every time Jacey hears Jaclyn cry, he either lovingly shushes her or runs to sooth her. He doesn't like to see her sad. Any chance he has to hug her or kiss her, he'll take! I wish he would always feel this way about her, but I know how siblings work, so I can just cherish this while it lasts!

Speaking of Jaclyn, she is growing so much every day! I just broke out her 3 month sleepers yesterday! Hooray! I love moving up a step! She smiles SOO easily and is starting to laugh! Jeffrey got a really big one out of her the other day, and thought he got it on video, but unfortunately he didn't. I was putting Jacey to bed and missed it, but I know I'll get a big one from her soon! Here are just a few pictures of our little beauty!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Before I get into this post, I just wanted to acknowledge that I know I change my header very often! Jeffrey makes them up for me, but then he gets sick of them pretty quickly and HAS to create a new one. So, I have to keep up with his mood!

A little warning too, this is kind of a random post! I basically just have a bunch of pictures and things that have been building up over the past week, that I've been saving until I had enough to post. So nothing really coincides with anything.

I've been dying for the rain to stop so that we can go outside and play, but it keeps coming down. Not tons or really heavy rain or anything. Just enough to keep it wet all the time. This past week was my first week "alone" at home. It's been really good. I like having more time to myself and I actually feel more energized and motivated to play, clean and do stuff around the house. I miss Jeffrey a ton, and I especially miss him when I'm in the middle of nursing Jaclyn and Jacey decides to have a meltdown, but it's good to have our space and for him to be back at work. He loves being back and today got a new office and was having fun reorganizing and marking his territory. :)

This past weekend, the Miamaids from our ward had a big sleepover upstairs with Crystal. She's their advisor and they kindly invited me up to play and we had so much fun!! Played lots of Guitar Hero and Hannah Montana on the Wii. :) We ate lots of junk and played Mafia until the wee hours of the morning. Crystal and I went to bed at 3am, the girls stayed up till 5:30 talking. Oh to be young again! :) I was actually sad to go downstairs to bed with Jeffrey and leave all the fun! But not too sad. Who wouldn't rather snuggle with a handsome man? :) It worked out perfectly that I was invited to the sleepover, because Jeffrey went to the Stehmeiers to play Lord of the Ring Risk with Mark, Josh and my brother, Jonathan. I would have hated that if I didn't have something planned of my own. Risk is the longest game in the world and I would have been bored out of my mind to be home alone. So like I said, it worked out perfectly.

Jacey has become quite the chatterbox lately. Besides his limited vocabulary that people can actually understand, all of it is complete jibberish. But he definitely knows what it means! The cutest thing is when he calls Jeffrey at work. He has full out conversations with him. He starts off with "Hi", and then falls into jibberish for about 5 minutes, throwing in "ball" and "uh-oh" here or there, pausing to listen to Jeffrey every once in a while. He usually cries when we have to hang up. He's gotten really used to having Jeffrey home over the past 2 months and he is always looking for him at our house during the day, calling out "Dada?". He even carried one of Jeffrey's shirts around one afternoon and would NOT let me take it from him. It's cute, but so sad. So the phone calls are heaven for him!!
Well, that's all the exciting news I can think of. I hope you enjoyed all the very random pictures! Oh, and by the way, all the pictures with the very long dandelions are actually in our backyard. :( We have the most white trash backyard we've ever seen. But we got a lawnmower and that is this week's project!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Our baby boy started nursery this week!!! He's technically not 18 months old until next week, but they let him go early!! Which is so nice, because Jeffrey teaches sunday school and it's chaos trying to feed Jacey lunch and nurse Jaclyn at the same time! Anyway, Jacey just walked into the nursery and straight to the little kitchenette and didn't look back. We left without him noticing and he wasn't bothered by it. I peeked back in on him a little while later and my heart was bursting with pride when I saw him sitting up with all the other kids, eating his snack and drinking from a sippy cup!! He was SOO cute!! And so happy and independant! It made me totally get choked up! I can't believe he's old enough to go to nursery!!! We always knew he would love it and would have no problems going. He LOVES kids! He is always walking up to kids and trying to engage their attention. At the store, at church, at the doctor's office, anywhere! And he loves toys. I mean, obviously all kids do, but Jacey thinks toys are more important than worrying about where his parents are! So nursery has the perfect combination of things for him! We are so proud of him and love him so much and are excited for him to be able to make more friends and thrive from this new experience!! :)