Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well....after visiting Crystal and Jonathan Lee this weekend and their new little twins, I feel a lot more calm about having one baby. I wasn't getting too anxious yet, but now I feel like I will have no reason to when I get to that point. They have their hands full with two little girls, and they're so GOOD at it!! So if they can have two and be okay, we can have one and be fine!! Jeffrey feels the same way! :) It was so much fun to see them. We drove up to Edmonton saturday morning and stayed with them until sunday night. When we first got there, we hung out with them for a few feedings before we went to West Edmonton Mall. It's amazing. These little girls, Elayna and Brianna, eat every 3 hours. And sometimes feeding them takes up to two hours, so Crystal only gets one hour break in between. And she has to change them and put them to sleep and try to get some sleep herself. It's insane!! Jonathan is able to help out as much as he can, and he really does. But he has to work, so poor Crystal spends hours alone with her babies. I don't know how she does it....but good for her!! Her girls are so cute! One is significantly smaller than the other. Elayna stole all the weight when they were in Crystal's tummy and has just kept gaining. Brianna is so teeny and cute, but continues to stay a few pounds behind Elayna. They're so good, they hardly least while we were there. I guess if you asked Crystal, you might get a different answer. It was a lot of fun. We were able to hold them a lot and we even got to be there for their first trip to the mall and out for dinner. That was fun. They were so good and slept the whole time! Lucky!! We tried to watch a movie later that night, but both Jeffrey and I were out like little lambs...Jeffrey zonked out before the movie even started, and I followed shortly. You'd think Crystal and Jonathan would have been more tired than us..but they can't fall asleep in movies. I'm definitely not one of those kinds of people. :) Sunday we went to church, than went for a walk. It's funny to hear people's comments when they see twins. Everyone has something to say. It's fun. I loved being able to visit Crystal and Jonathan and see them as parents. They are already great ones. It was also fun for me to see how Jeffrey was with such little newborns. He was adorable. I can't wait for us to have our own baby to dote over and to love! We were both definitely pumped for ours to we just have to wait until December!! Seems so far away. I've been home sick for the past two days. Massive headache, backache, morning sickness (which hasn't completely left me yet:() . It's been no fun. I went to work today, and fortunately felt great all day and was able to get a lot done. However...the second I walked into my headache was back. So not cool!! I'm impatiently waiting for Jeffrey to come home...he's been working such long hours lately. He probably won't get home until 8:30-9ish and then he wants to either go see X-Men 3 (I still haven't seen it) or Superman. I would rather see Superman, but opening night crowds do not appeal to me right now. Neither does the late show. But who knows...I'll do whatever! We wanted to go with Michael and Melinda last night, but it was too late for me. They loved it apparantly...and I can't wait to see it!! Well, I know it's been a LONG time since I've blogged and I'm trying to think of what else to talk about. Jeffrey and I got new callings in our ward. He's the assistant Priest advisor and I'm the assistant Beehive advisor. So we get to work together a lot this summer, because all the activities are joint for the young women and the young men. Fun!! What else...we have our 19week ultra sound on July 20th. Very excited about that!! Sometimes I'm afraid that when the time comes, I'm going to just open my mouth and ask the tech lady to tell me what I'm having...but deep down I really want to wait. Hopefully I have more self control on that day than what I've been feeling lately. I also hope that Jeffrey doesn't read this (which he will) and try to work on my weakness. :) But I won't give in! Well...that is my life. I can't think of anything else. I'm looking forward to this weekend. We'll be heading out to Invermere to stay with all the Palmers at their condo. I'll be enjoying very slow and calm jet ski rides. :) If I'm even allowed that, who knows. I will LIVE in the pool however....because I am SO HOT!!!!!! I feel sorry for the Wards down in Portland because they have it worse than we do here..and I'm dying!! I'm trying to post pictures of our weekend in Edmonton, but it's not letting me, so hopefully, by the time I post will be accompanied by pictures. The baby on the right in both of the pictures is Brianna. And the one on the left is Elayna. Aren't they cute??

Friday, June 09, 2006

Long Time, No Blog!!

WOW!! Have I not been good at this! It's almost like I forgot I had a blog! But I'm back...and I have good things to write about now! This has been such a great week! We had our first ULTRA-SOUND!!! It was SO much fun. Aside from the many glasses of water I drank and having a painful bladder for a while, it was a great experience! The lady that did the ultra-sound was so awesome. She made it very fun for us and personal too, I think. I say that because how many things could you really say about a 12 week old fetus that looks the same as every other one you come across. But she was talking about what a poser the baby was, cause it kept flipping around to face us every angle she tried. And "he" (I have no clue and WON'T know until the delivery) kept kicking his cute little legs everywhere, and she made it sound like he was just the cutest thing she'd ever seen. So it was a lot of fun!! We got to watch our little "lime", as Melinda calls it :), for about 20 minutes. It was the best 20 minutes of our lives. It was amazing to see something so teeny that was actually developing in my body and that we had created! I have NO clue how people can deny there is a God, when you think about how babies are created and born. There definitely is someone in charge up there! Anyway, that was a pretty fun experience for us! We bought 9 pictures from the ultra-sound and we've loved showing them off. This one is my favorite because you can see it's adorable little profile! So cute! The other exciting thing that happened to me this week, is I got my braces off!!! Finally!! I actually can't complain, I've only had them on for 15 months, and I actually got a month off for our wedding. So I've had it pretty good, but it's nice to have them off nonetheless. And yes, my mouth feels weird. Really mushy, especially where the retainer was on the roof of my mouth, and under my tongue. I have my new clear retainer now, that you can't really notice, except it gives my teeth a little more "plastic" effect. :) Well, I better go. We're going to my cousin, Janeal (Kershaw) Bullock's reception now. I don't know what we're going to do after that, but it better be fun!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Jeffrey and I had the wonderful privilege of going over to Becky and Keith's house for dinner last night. Their kids are SO cute! We had a lot of fun. Plus, it was SO yummy!! Becky made this really good chicken soup from scratch. A talent that I unfortunately lack. Anyway, it was really good. We played with the kids a bit, and I showed Becky around what I know of the wonderful world of blogging (you may soon see her on here). After the kids were put to bed, we played a few rousing rounds of Family Feud on the computer. It is sooo much fun!! Jeffrey and I can stay up till crazy hours of the night playing it. Last night, we played girls vs. guys, best out of five. And I gotta say, the girls won. Obviously! Actually to be quite honest, Becky pretty much won for our team, as I was having a lot of blonde moments. It makes for good entertainment at least. Actually, Jeffrey was the winner of funny responses. He makes me laugh so hard. Him and Keith. I'd tell you what he said, but I'd have to explain it and then it wouldn't be funny. It was definitely one of those "you had to be there" moments. But it was a good one!! Today I worked, as per usual. I've been so behind lately because I've been home sick so often. Now I'm working my tail off to get caught up, but it just doesn't seem to be working! It's frusterating, but what can you do! I'm just looking forward to the day (whenever it is) that I'll be going on maternity leave! What a blessed day that will be! :) Well, I better be off, I get to babysit for Katie's two littlest kids, whom I love. Then maybe Jeffrey and I will meet up with Melin and Michael for a little DQ action! Ciao!