Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer Fun

I actually brushed his hair after his shower! He's a little man!

We've had a pretty busy week so far! Jacey and I have been on the go. It's fun, but tiring...for both of us! Monday morning, Jacey & I took Taelor, Nena & Troy Sherwood to Riley park. We went with Katie & her kids and met up with a few other moms & kids from 2nd ward. It was SOO hot! I had to sit in the shade to be able to bear it. The kids had lots of fun swimming and wading in the pool. It was fairly busy but not too bad. Jacey loved sitting in the edge of the pool with me and splashed around for quite a while. He liked watching all the kids run by him too! One day that will be him! A little funny story for you. Troy came up to me while I was feeding Jacey and told me he had to go to the bathroom. I didn't want to take him cause it was far away and Jacey was eating, so I told him to go in the pool. (horrible I know). Anyway, he ran off and that was that. A little while later he came back with him swim trunks pulled down and Ethan (his cousin) was right behind him. As we were pulling his pants back up, a lady came up to us that was just as miffed as could be and said, "I hope that I didn't upset them, but they both had their pants down and were peeing in the pool and I told them they couldn't do that!" OOPS!! I didn't realize that Troy would do THAT when I told him to go in the pool!! I guess it makes sense though...that's how you go to the bathroom. Anyway, Ethan got in trouble, but I had to apologize to Troy, cause it was my fault! I guess next time, I'll take him to the potty! I'm learning with other people's kids first I guess! :)

He is so chill!

I recently got a new calling. I'm the Laurel advisor in our ward now. I'm pretty excited for it..a little nervous too. Anyway, the young women had their girls camp this week, so I decided to drive out and visit for an afternoon. We went yesterday and man, I wasn't sure it was so worth it at first. It was at Camp Gardner, which is about 15 minutes from city limits, but I missed the turn and drove to Bragg Creek. With Jacey crying the whole way!! So I was pretty mad and was just going to give up and go home, but on my way home, I found it. Then, when I got there and parked my van, I wandered around pushing the stroller trying to find the stupid campsite forever! And it was so hot and there were mosquitos everywhere. Anyway...I finally found it and it was indeed worth it! The girls loved playing with Jacey and we were able to accompany them on an obstacle course and take pictures of them trying all the different stations out! It was pretty fun! We also sat at the poolside and judged cannon ball competitions! Jacey eventually fell asleep and I was able to drive home and he slept until I got there, which is what I prayed for!! So even though it started out rough, it was very fun and I'm glad I went!

I guess Jacey was enjoying himself, looks like he's in lazy-boy!

Today we went to South Glenmore Park with Mandi & Brooklyn and a bunch of other moms & kids and had lunch. There is a water spray park there with a playground. It's a great little park. The ground is that recycled tire ground. And it all glued together, so it's kind of bouncy. Awesome for kids when they fall! We put Jacey & Brooklyn in the baby swings. They were both too tired to enjoy it, but I got pictures anyway. It wasn't the greatest weather today. It was pretty cloudy, but there were enough sunny breaks that it was nice. Anyway, that has been my week so far. Tonight, Jeffrey, Jacey & I are going to go on a picnic for dinner! It's just too nice to be inside! And I'm excited for this weekend, we're going to go to BC to the condo again. I can't wait..I want to SWIM!! I love summer!!!! Well, I'm going to load some pictures onto the computer and see if I can't post them.

"Mom! Put me to bed!"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Veggie Experience

This was the funniest thing ever! Last night was the first time we gave Jacey baby veggie food. It was squash and man did it ever smell bad! And apparantly it tasted bad too!!! When we saw these pictures after, we laughed so hard we cried! We still can't stop laughing when we see them! Ahh...I love this boy!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I can't get the other pictures to load right now, so I'll do it later. Maybe Jeffrey can help me out.

I'm so proud of this picture because I took it. Jeffrey is the photographer in our family, but I guess once in a while I can get a good shot! He did photoshop it however. It's one of my very favorite pictures. This is Jacey's bear, Jean-Jacques and he LOVES him! His face lights up whenever he sees him. It's adorable!

The Latest

Hello everyone! It's been a while. I'm now living in my new house (basement suite) and I love it! I have to take pictures of it so you can see the magical transformation that has taken place. I'll do that soon. We are loving everything about being here. Especially the COOL feeling that comes with basements. We sleep wonderfully and even use blankets still. The only downfall to our place at the moment is the lack of kitchen. I'm happily living off of microwave meals for now. That's what 10 months of living with parents/-in-laws will do to you. As long as I'm on my own, I don't care! We have a microwave and a mini fridge right now. And since I don't want to do dishes in my bathroom sink, we use paper ones! I feel like I'm camping! :) It's an adventure. We've been kind of slow getting the kitchen started because Jeffrey and I were just happy to be on our own for once that we just relished in that for a while. And Michael and Melinda have been busy painting upstairs and trying to sell their condo! So hopefully soon it will pick up!

Jacey is growing like nuts! He's taller and taller all the time. Last time I went to the doctor they told me he was above average tall and under average weight. That was me growing up too! (Not's reverse now:( ) He's as cute as ever! He will spend lots of time now during the day just playing with his toys. He loves to sit in his high chair with a few toys and watch Baby Einstein dvds. Also he loves his little stand up jolly jumper thing. We inherited it from Heather and Gannon (thank you guys) and he loves it! It's got piano keys under his feet and up by his hands that he can play and it plays all sorts of songs! Plus the part he sits in rotates and moves from side to side, so he gets lots of walking practice! Lots of fun! I'm struggling with two things with him right now. Sleep and eating! He only likes to go to sleep with someone and then if he wakes up, won't go to sleep unless I feed him or rock him. Now I know we made him develop that habit by holding him all the time when he was just a newborn, and we haven't had the heart to let him cry it out yet. I just wish there was another answer? Any suggestions anyone? The other problem is his teeth! He grew two on the bottom at about 4-5 months (he's 7 months now) and I'd never had a real problem with him biting me while eating, until this week! He bites SOO hard! So hard! And almost every time he nurses! So hard that I've cried! No blood yet thank goodness! I guess I cry partly because it hurts so bad, and partly because I don't know what else to do! He will not take a bottle. Even if it's my milk. He'll suck for like 2 seconds and then it becomes a chew toy. Much like myself. :( I was so desperate yesterday, I thought he might have to starve to death because I was afraid to let him nurse, and he wouldn't take a bottle! BUT..Cyndi came to the rescue! You see, Jacey loves to drink water, either from the water bottle, or a cup. So we just fed him formula from a cup and he drank it!! Lots of it! I was SO happy! So we'll probably be going straight from nursing to a cup! Which is kind of annoying because we might not be able to use sippy cups, but oh well! Anyway, that was my dilemma, but I think we solved it! Hopefully the cup lasts! He's learned two things lately that have just melted my heart! He reaches now! I'll pass by his high chair and he'll reach up for me. Or if he's in someone's arms, he'll reach for someone else! It's SO cute!! The other thing is that he waves now! But he's proved me a liar so many times because he won't do it all the time. But I did get the cutest video of it that I'll put on here! It's so delicate and graceful! Makes me laugh! And smile so big that I think my face is going to burst! It's so funny the things that parents are proud of!!! He started doing it sunday morning and I don't think I've ever been prouder of him!!! It was a great day!! Well, I'm going to meet Jeffrey for lunch now, but when I get back, I'll post some new pics and his waving video! Ciao for now!