Thursday, March 10, 2011


On Elizabeth's birthday, I took her girls for the afternoon so she could go
shopping alone! We had fun! These girls play so well together!

I love the way Jacey makes Jaclyn laugh!

Apparantly this is one of Jaclyn's faces, she's doing it in the picture at the top as well! :)

I can't express enough how much my heart melts whenever I find my kids snuggling like this!

And this...

We invited Claire down for a karaoke party one afternoon!
It was soooo fun to watch and listen to them! We got some great video footage!

They're singing their favorite primary songs :)

Jacey got really into it!!!

Jacey has been climbing off the top bunk lately to sleep with Jaclyn after she falls asleep.

I absolutely LOVE doing Jaclyn's hair! She is soo good for me too, sits like
an angel for as long as it takes! She asks me to braid it all the time, so I've started
experimenting with different ways to do it! fun!

This braid is made with a series of knots. It's soo easy and fun to do,
but her hair needs to be a little longer! As soon as we got in the car
and she rested her head on the back of her car seat, pieces started
falling out. By the time we got to church it was destroyed! :(