Monday, September 29, 2008


This truly is how I feel about Jeffrey. That I am SO LUCKY to be married to him! I will never understand why I was so lucky and blessed to have him choose me! Anyway, it was our 3 year anniversary last monday and I made a little slideshow of all the pictures I could find of us from the past 3 years or so. There aren't many, we don't like taking pictures of ourselves. In fact, most of these pictures are from our family cruise about 5 months after we got married. :) Oh well, it's the thought that counts! :) One of the reasons I made this, besides the fact that I love Jeffrey and wanted to do this for him, is because my sister, Katie, introduced me to this wonderful song and when I heard it, I immediately thought of mine and Jeffrey's relationship (I know you all feel the same about your spouses too). I have no clue how long this song has been around, but it was my first time hearing it as I never listen to music! So, here's to three years with my best friend! Oh, by the way, neither Jeffrey nor I could fix the stupid program that I made this on. The pictures are very wonky, they spin all over the place. Sometimes you can't see one of us in the picture and may become dizzy. Just ignore that part and it'll be great! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can & Doo Doo

My very own little doll. I love dressing this little girl up, it is one of the funnest things I do each day!!! My mom got her these little headbands, and even though she has hardly any hair, I can't resist putting them on her, because she's so cute in them!! Girls are SO MUCH FUN!!!

So my title is Jacey's names for Claire and Jaclyn. :) I love when he says them. Melinda and I had our girls in matching outfits the other day, so we had to take some pictures! These cute little girls are so much fun and are getting so much more interactive all the time! They really love each other and smile and laugh at each other often! Every time they are beside each other they hold hands. We love that they are so close in age, it is going to be sooo much fun! It already is and they hardly even do anything. :) Jacey loves them both so much too and always wants to hug or kiss them. It's so fun having Michael and Melinda living back upstairs again, so that our kids can play often. And us adults too. Jacey knows they're up there and several times throughout the day I'll find him hanging off the doorknob that leads upstairs calling out "Buckal!!! Dia!! Can!!" Anyway, I finally had some photos to post so here they are!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Summer: Part III

I blame my lack of blogging on Jeffrey. He has become too busy with work to photoshop pictures for me, and without good pictures, I am hesistant to blog. But I'll just post one portion of the rest of our summer. On August 12, my sister, Elizabeth had her baby, a little girl. She named her Laila June. The delivery went well, but there were some complications with the baby. Her breathing was wayyy too fast, and her skin was still blue. Not good signs. They took her to the NICU and put her on an IV and oxygen. There weren't sure what was wrong, they were thinking maybe an infection in her lungs. Anyway, Lizzie and Laila both received blessings, and Lizzie was very confident and calm after that. They kept Laila there for a few days, gave her some antibiotics, and whether or not an infection was the problem, she recovered completely and they were able to go home. Laila is SOOO cute, she weighed 8lbs something (nice aunt I am, I forget the details), but she is SOOO teeny and beautiful. She has so much hair, and it's all dark! I know that won't last, Lizzie and Levi are both blondes, but it's pretty cute right now! She's been a great baby so far for Elizabeth! And I just have to put this in because it's all I think about...but Lizzie looks SOOO good!! I saw her this past saturday, and I actually, and I do mean literally, forgot she had a baby, because she was SOO SKINNY!!!!! The butt! I'm happy for her, but I hate her for it! :) Anyway, I'm really happy for my sister and her little family!! And I'm also happy that Jaclyn has another girl cousin so close in age! She's lucky to have two!! It will be so fun to watch them all grow up!!

Since Laila was in the NICU, my sisters and I were able to go visit her at the hospital. That was the only advantage to her delayed stay. See her poor bruised hand from IV attempts? So sad..